Lead2Growth was founded in Columbus, Ohio by Matthew Halle to bring a different perspective to implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365. After spending many years in sales and sales management, in several different industries, Matt gained a lot of experience using Microsoft Dynamics in a production, management and system administrator role. Matt was once the sales rep that hated CRM, who was eventually promoted to a Sales Manager tasked with getting other sales people that hated CRM to use it, and eventually Matt took on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM System Administrator role to build practical solutions that help sales teams sell more and better manage their territory. From Matt’s experience, many managers and senior level staff are not provided with in-depth CRM training, and as a result they struggle to conceptualize ways to better leverage CRM to help their sales people sell more and be more productive. Matt has developed customizable churn/lead scoring methodologies to help sales reps navigate CRM to close the dollars they need to meet their quota. Matt partners with organizations to understand their process, bridge the technology gap, integrate existing business systems, and help their sales people more consistently achieve their quota.