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Lead2Growth Philosophy

Whether you are implementing your first CRM, or looking to make a change from a CRM that does not currently satisfy your needs, a CRM implementation can potentially be a major undertaking, and Lead2Growth can help make the transition seamless! Our proficiency extends far beyond Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, and our services have helped sales organizations solve their most daunting challenges when it comes to implementing a CRM. At Lead2Growth, we started our careers as sales reps, sales managers, and data analysts, so we understand first hand the challenges a sales organization faces to successfully implement a CRM. We’ve personally experienced poor CRM implementations, we understand first hand what is it like to have a system developed by someone that has never had to use it in a sales capacity, and we’ve all been personally frustrated by CRMs that do not provide adequate reporting to make sound coaching and business decisions. We use our extensive experience in sales organizations, in conjunction with our expertise of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, and we help you effectively bridge this gap to build a powerful solution while avoiding a negative implementation experience.

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Our Solution

If you're experiencing challenges specific to your industry and growth, then your consultant should be Lead2Growth. We have Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified staff, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and we combine this experience with our sales background to leverage the best possible solution for you!
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales


Many sales leaders and business owners ask the question, “How can I grow my business by targeting the right prospects while shortening the sales process?” Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Lead2Growth can help!

Targeting the Right Prospects

We can assist you in targeting the right prospects by focusing on the most important leads through predictive lead scoring that is custom built around your KPIs. We partner with you to establish a process for systematically capturing meaningful data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales while keeping the process simple for your end users. Lead scoring is further enhanced by the continuous analysis of demographic behaviors and machine learning. We can also teach you how to utilize marketing list validation to run more effective marketing campaigns which contain targeted, accurate, and complete data for businesses and prospects.

Shortening the Sales Process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales has the capability to build your sales process directly in the system. Through opportunity management, your guided sales process will optimize sales by helping your sales team navigate through the sales process by knowing what steps to take next, how to overcome objections, and role specific insight can be provided for each prospect to help close the deal more efficiently. By having your sales process incorporated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Sales Managers can quickly identify where sales reps are getting stuck in the sales process, and sales specific training can be provided helping increase win rates. Through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile application, the benefit a CRM is no longer confined to the inside sales team only, collaboration will be increased across all sales teams in your organization, and your outside sales team will close more deals by utilizing contextual news, social data, and task flows that are all seamlessly available through the mobile application on a cellular phone or tablet.

Power BI

  • A business analytics tool that delivers interactive data visualizations, rich and powerful organizational reports in a single view with the ability to drill down further into the data, and the ability to access information anywhere and anytime

  • Analytical tool that track and refine structure data to deliver insights throughout your organization. Capable of creating personalized dashboards for your business in realtime update and allows you to visualize your data in a matter of seconds. Regardless of where your data might be store. Power BI can bring multiple sources of data into a single source and allows you to access your data when and where you want it.